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Janina Mueller, Ann Whiteside
“Data Projections: The Case for Open Access”

For centuries, libraries have collected, stored and made available knowledge resources. Librarians are experts in classifying, preserving and retrieving information so it can be accessed over time. As more and more information is produced and shared in digital form, libraries and archives are becoming leaders in data curation and management. As advocates for the sharing and accessibility of information, Frances Loeb Librarians have acquired expertise in the areas of open access, open data, data management, data preservation and data re-use. They will discuss these arenas by focusing on open access and open data and its impact on design research and scholarship. Interacting with multiple stakeholders gives libraries a unique perspective to understand the opportunities and challenges of an increasingly digital information environment. By participating at DAS, the Frances Loeb Library aims to foster a dialogue between designers and the library, and identify opportunities for future collaborations.

About the speakers: Sarah Dickinson is the Research Support Services Librarian at the Frances Loeb Library, and serves as Open Access Liaison to the Harvard University Office of Scholarly Communication. Janina Mueller is the Design Data Librarian at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD). In this role, she provides GIS and data research services to students and faculty. She has an interest in experimenting with geospatial data creation tools to support design research. This includes using balloons and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to collect geospatial information. She is also involved in managing a digital collection of student work at the GSD. Inés Zalduendo is an architectural archivist with professional experience and graduate studies both in architecture and archives. She is the Special Collections archivist and reference librarian of the Frances Loeb Library at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. She is part of the FACADE2 team, a collaborative project between the Frances Loeb Library and MIT Libraries (now finished), to further develop a shared production tool and workflows for the collecting, archiving, access, and preservation of electronic architectural files.