Design Decoder

Paul Keel (presenter), Jeffrey Huang, Jianxi Luo, Patrick Winston
“Design Decoder: Mapping the Genealogy of Design Ideas”

We present Design Decoder, a multidisciplinary and speculative research effort aimed at harvesting digital design data to map the genealogy of design ideas. We investigate the effects of design data on design practice, and realize a generic, data‐driven design tool for monitoring design trends, for the customized discovery of relevant design inspirations, and for enabling predictions as to the particular needs and interests of individual design communities.

About the speaker: Paul Keel is a Research Scientist at MIT CSAIL. His work explores theoretical and applied models for knowledge construction, collaborative sense-making and visual analytics for defense and education environments. His expertise draws from different disciplines including artificial intelligence, cognitive science and architectural design. He holds a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Design and Computation from MIT.