The conference is taking place on the 17th of April 2015 at Harvard GSD in the Piper Auditorium. An opening reception and our poster session is hosted by the Loeb Library at Harvard GSD, the evening before on the 16th of April at 8pm.

Day of conference April 17

8:30am | Welcome and registration

9:00 am | Conference presentation

Notes by Martin Bechthold, Director of the DDes program

9:30am | SESSION 1 “Data-driven design”

Michael Hansmeyer, Benjamin Dillenburger
“Mesh Mining” [details]

Paul Keel (presenter), Jeffrey Huang, Jianxi Luo, Patrick Winston
“Design Decoder: Mapping the Genealogy of Design Ideas” [details]

Panagiotis Michalatos
“The environment as a signal: design in scale spaces” [details]

11:30am | KEYNOTE

Mario Carpo
“The New Science of Data: Simulation, Optimization, and Structural Form-Finding” [details]

12:30pm | Break

1:30pm | SESSION 2 “Programming the Physical World”

Jessica Rosenkrantz
“Growing Objects” [details]

Alma Steingart
“Rendering Higher Dimensions” [details]

Gentiane Venture
“Towards individual robotics design: Using human motion for enhanced Human-Robot Interaction experience” [details]

Andrew Witt
“Machine Ecologies, Modular Intelligence” [details]

3:30pm | SESSION 3 “Urban design and big data”

Andrea L. M. Hansen
“Visualizing Systems: Reading and Representing the Human Environment” [details]

Dietmar Offenhuber
“The pigeon in the haystack – design before and after the fact” [details]

Etienne Turpin
“Mesoscalarity: Data Polities and Designed Engagement” [details]

5:30pm | Tea Break


Edith Ackermann
“Digital Portraiture and the Quantified Self: Paradoxes and Ironies of Living by the Numbers” [details]

7pm | SESSION 4 “Open data and civic media”

Rahul Bhargava, Emily Bhargava
“Data Analysis as Civic Engagement: a new arts ­based approach” [details]

Sarah Dickinson, Janina Mueller, Inés Zalduendo
“Data Projections: Anticipating Future Use” [details]

Alan Wiig
“The geography of data centers and the networked urban condition” [details]

9pm | End words

Evening before conference – April 16

The poster session is taking place on 16th of April at 8pm along with the opening reception at the Loeb Library, Harvard GSD. Our sponsor Swissnex will also briefly present the data visualisation project ‘Data Canvas’.